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How far would you go to improve your sex life?

Male enhancement technology has come a long way since the 90s when the first pill-based sexual enhancement drug was introduced. Since then, hundreds of male enhancement products were introduced, all promising men with the best sexual experience of their lives. Now, with a more advanced technology to power male enhancement supplements, the choices have become clearer, and men can now choose their male enhancement product with better information.

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Back in the day, men would have to visit their doctor to see if their symptoms would qualify to use a drug that was mean to potentiate erections. Although most men would want to have something more than just to obtain an erection, most would settle for the drug, just to get some help to improve their dwindling sex life. Male enhancement supplements now offer more than just pro-erectile components to improve a man’s sexual performance. Now, we have the best ingredients and the best technology to boost your sexual performance.

This year, we have seen some of the best male enhancement supplements to hit the market. Unlike the solutions that were available back in the day, male enhancement supplements now have the capacity to exceed the benefits that synthetic solutions offered. With safer, more effective and affordable solutions available, the only question is – which supplement should you choose?

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Male UltraCore™, the new male enhancement supplement that promises to increase your erection size, libido, and stamina. Based on our pre-assessment of Male UltraCore™, we have concluded that Male UltraCore™ is one of the best male enhancement supplements on the market today. We have decided to pick apart Male UltraCore™ and discover what it has that puts it ahead of the best male enhancement supplements today. Here’s what we discovered:

Male UltraCore Background

Male UltraCore™ was developed by a team of experts for a period of 3 years before it was officially released to the public. Prior to its public release, it was reported that several critics were already given samples of the product to have them test the product for themselves. The initial feedback from the critics was exceedingly positive, which is always a good sign for any product that is just starting out. After its public release, the greatness of Male UltraCore™ was even more evident as many of its customers praised the product for being effective and efficient.

Less than a year after its public release, Male UltraCore™ is still making rounds in supplement review sites and social media. Many users and critics have cited the difference between Male UltraCore™ and other male enhancement pills, noting that the latter has far superior performance than any other male enhancement supplement that they have ever tried.

What exactly does Male UltraCore™ offer and why do its users say that it’s the best pill that they have ever had?

Male UltraCore Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

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Kevin is a senior supplement analyst at one of the top male supplement review sites online. He tackles bodybuilding, fitness, and male enhancement supplement reviews. Kevin holds a degree in microbiology and chemical engineering. Aside from his work as a supplement analyst, he also works as a chemical analyst for a multinational pharmaceutical company.


Grab Male UltraCore™’s free membership offer while you can. Male UltraCore™ members are entitled to get 50% off on their third bottle. This is simply a no-brainer since Male UltraCore™’s best results are experienced between 8-12 weeks. On top of that, you get 50% off on every bottle onwards, which is GREAT especially when you plan on taking Male UltraCore™ for a long period of time.

Box and Bottle of Male UltraCore Pills

What you can expect with Male UltraCore™

Male UltraCore™ isn’t just blowing hot air – it simply does what it says it would do, and that’s what makes it even more appealing to its customers. It sets their users’ expectations, and it delivers far beyond what they say it would do.

Here are just some of the benefits that you can expect with Male UltraCore™:

Note that Male UltraCore™ did not claim to increase penis size. Rather, Male UltraCore™ claims to increase erection size - a far more realistic claim, since men already know what it feels like to have a bigger erection. A quick Google search would tell you that increasing penis size is virtually impossible since penis growth stops by the time you reach the end of your puberty. However, your erection size varies due to several factors such as your testosterone levels and blood flow. By improving on these factors, you can actually get the peak erection size you’ve always wanted, and that can happen every single time you have an erection.

Being able to set their customers’ expectations is one of the best things we’ve discovered about Male UltraCore™. The product stays true to what the science behind their product says it would do – nothing more, nothing less. These claims aren’t downplayed by any means, Being able to increase erection size is a feat that no other product in the industry can provide, and Male UltraCore™ gives definitive proof that its formula can increase erection size by combining the most powerful technologies of STEM and VI-PEX.


If you’ve done a quick Google search about Male UltraCore™, you’d know that it is powered by two of the most cutting-edge technologies to ever hit male enhancement – STEM and VI-PEX. In this section of our review, we’ll discuss the basics of each technology, and why it makes Male UltraCore™ the best male enhancement supplement.

STEM Technology

The STEM Technology used by Male UltraCore™ is probably one of the most cutting-edge technologies we’ve seen in male enhancement. STEM stands for Sustained Testosterone Enhancement Method, a 5-point testosterone-boosting technology that aims to make testosterone safe and effective. Here’s what STEM does to the body:

STEM incorporates several ingredients that are capable of increasing testosterone production. With the inclusion of ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate), STEM is able to maximize testosterone production while sustaining high testosterone levels for an extended period of time.

STEM inhibits the aromatase and 5 alpha-reductase enzymes, which metabolizes testosterone into estrogen and dihydrotestosterone. Estrogen is an anti-androgenic hormone, while dihydrotestosterone, while androgenic, can cause an enlarged prostate. Inhibiting these enzymes would make testosterone safer and far more effective, given the scale that Male UltraCore™ uses the increased testosterone levels. Lastly, STEM increases semen volume through increased zinc and testosterone-boosting ingredients.

VI-PEX Technology

The industry hasn’t seen technologies that are quite as effective as VI-PEX technology. VI-PEX stands for Vasodilator Ingredients with Penile Expansion. It incorporates nitric oxide boosters and PDE-5 inhibitors to produce a potent and long-lasting vasodilation effect on the body. VI-PEX is primarily responsible for increasing erection size by allowing more blood to flow to the penis. Through increased blood flow, the usual blockages or narrowing of blood vessels that prevent men from achieving their peak erection is sufficiently prevented.

Nitric oxide boosters allow blood vessels to relax and dilate, allowing more blood to pass through. Nitric oxide combines with GMP to create cGMP, the compound that makes blood vessels dilate. However, cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5), limits the effectiveness of cGMP in dilating blood vessels. To counter this natural reaction, VI-PEX inhibits PDE-5 to allow cGMP to freely improve blood flow.

How Male UltraCore Works

WHY STEM and VI-PEX are important

The REAL challenge for Male UltraCore™ is to make these two technologies work hand-in-hand to produce real, breakthrough results. With efficient timing and accurate dosages, Male UltraCore™ is able to make STEM and VI-PEX into one effective formula.

With VI-PEX in full effect to boost blood flow to the penis, STEM kicks in, making the user more receptive to sexual stimulus. Once aroused, the natural tumescence or penile erection comes into play. Blood vessels around the body contract and blood vessels near the penis dilate, which allows an increased blood volume and pressure to fill the cavernous spaces in the penis. This naturally causes an erection, but with the effect of VI-PEX factored in, the user experiences increased blood flow volume and pressure to the penile chambers, which boosts erection size to its peak.

No other supplement in the industry is quite capable of bringing these results together, and this is why Male UltraCore™ is the new king of male enhancement pills.

Male UltraCore Ingredients

One look at Male UltraCore™’s ingredients and it’s easy to tell that it’s not your ordinary male enhancement supplement. Male UltraCore™’s core ingredients are stacked, unlike any other supplement that we’ve reviewed. Stacked in a sense that it’s not just a single supplement product. A closer examination revealed that Male UltraCore™ is actually made up of different standalone supplement products created into one.

Male UltraCore Ingredients


Male UltraCore™’s KSM-66 ingredient is actually a standalone product that you can purchase on its own. KSM-66 even has its own website and ordering process. Male UltraCore™ contains KSM-66 as an ingredient. It is a standardized Ashwagandha product that helps boost testosterone and improve mood and cognitive performance. Ashwagandha has been used for centuries as the central herb in Ayurvedic medicine, and it is now standardized and studied through various clinical trials for its effects on testosterone and sexual performance.


Male UltraCore™ also contains ZMA, a standalone Zinc-Magnesium Aspartate complex that you can also purchase as a standalone product. Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate are marketed as testosterone support minerals that are essential in maintaining testosterone levels. ZMA is available in pill form and is now being used as a central part of Male UltraCore™’s formula.


Fenugreek is also a great standalone product that can help boost testosterone levels by inhibiting the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme. Fenugreek allows testosterone to build up without increasing dihydrotestosterone levels, which may cause in an enlarged prostate (BPH). Fenugreek contains a standardized extract of 50% fenusides, the compound responsible for its testosterone-boosting effect.


The last of Male UltraCore™’s core ingredients are Longjack, or more commonly known as Tongkat Ali. Longjack is the ultimate male enhancement ingredient as it is able to increase testosterone levels while acting as a PDE-5 inhibitor. Longjack helps maximize the user’s sexual performance by boosting erections and sexual pleasure. Male UltraCore™’s Longjack content contains 30% 9-hydroxycanthin-6-one, the natural compound responsible for its androgenic benefits.

Standardized Ingredients

Before we tackle the proprietary ingredients of Male UltraCore™, it’s important to note the difference between Male UltraCore™’s main ingredients and the rest of the industry’s ingredient content. Male UltraCore™ uses standardized extracts in its main ingredients, while the majority of the industry uses only powdered ingredients as their ingredients. What’s the difference, you ask? Powdered ingredients are simply dehydrated herbs that are crushed into powder form, while standardized extracts go through a much more complicated process of extraction and filtration to get the active components of each ingredient. In effect, one kilogram of the raw herb may produce 400-500 grams of powdered ingredients, while one kilogram of the same herb may only produce around 1-2 grams of standardized extract. That’s how concentrated standardized ingredients are, and that’s what makes Male UltraCore™’s core ingredients more effective than other male enhancement products.

Proprietary blend


L-Arginine is an amino acid that acts as a precursor to nitric oxide. Its primary role in the body is to help regulate blood pressure. L-Arginine is the primary vasodilator of Male UltraCore™ and is further boosted by PDE-5 inhibitors in the formula to maximize blood flow to the penis.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama is a highly-potent aphrodisiac and PDE-5 inhibitor. It is known to have testosterone-boosting capabilities, which assist in the overall testosterone-boosting effect of Male UltraCore™.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed, also known as Epimedium, is one of the most well-known ingredients in the formula, and it is being used by more than 80% of all male enhancement supplements today. HGW has testosterone-boosting properties as well as PDE-5 inhibitor properties that assist in improving sexual performance.

Maca Root

Maca is an herb from Peru that is known to have strong sexual performance-boosting characteristics. It can help increase testosterone production, and it also helps lessen the downtime experienced after having an orgasm.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a key ingredient that helps sustain high testosterone levels. It acts as a testosterone booster while inhibiting the aromatase enzyme, which metabolizes testosterone into estrogen.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa is a lichen found in the East Coast of the United States. It is believed to have testosterone-boosting capabilities.

Butea Superba

Butea Superba is a potent Thai herb that is used by locals to boost male virility and prevent impotence.

Damiana Root

Damiana is an herb found in the United States and in some parts of Central/South America. It has been used for centuries as the go-to herb for a variety of illnesses including headaches and bedwetting. It was also the main herb used to cure impotence back in the day.

How to save on your Male UltraCore orders

Male UltraCore - How to Save

With Male UltraCore, you get a new monthly supply of Male UltraCore, shipped to you every month. This ensures that you get fresh supplement products every month, unlike other brands that would force you to purchase in bulk to get minimal discounts. This allows you to monitor your daily intake and continue to take Male UltraCore every month to reach your peak sexual performance.

As a token of our gratitude, we give loyal customers the chance to save big on their monthly Male UltraCore orders through our Premier Loyalty Pricing offers. After your third bottle of Male UltraCore, you automatically get 50% off Male UltraCore every month! That means that instead of paying $79.95 for a month’s supply of Male UltraCore, you only pay $39.95! The discounts are automatically applied to your account once you sign up online or call customer service. We’ll handle everything – you just sit back and enjoy the benefits and discounts offered by Male UltraCore!

Best of all, you have the option to upgrade to higher-tier packages such as Gold and Platinum, which comes inclusive of world-class supplements Ultra Boost and Extreme Testosterone. These supplements are specially developed to boost the effects of Male UltraCore and take your sexual enhancement experience to the next level!


Male UltraCore™ isn’t the only brand in the industry that customers love. We also reviewed some of the top products in the industry today and compared it against Male UltraCore™. Here’s what we found out:


Testograde is one of the most effective testosterone-boosting male enhancement products we’ve seen. Male UltraCore™ and Testograde are frequently seen among the top 3 male enhancement lists by critics, and it’s all for a good reason. Testograde has one of the best male enhancement formulas we’ve seen so far, and customers absolutely love it. Despite being newcomers in the industry, Male UltraCore™ and Testograde managed to be noticed pretty quickly.

Testograde capitalizes on its testosterone-boosting capabilities to enhance sexual performance. While Testograde’s testosterone-boosting performance is above-level compared to other brands in the same category, Male UltraCore™ still outperforms Testograde by a wide margin because of its far-superior STEM Technology.

Plenty of other male enhancement brands offer extreme testosterone-boosting capabilities, but these brands offer little-to-no safeguards on the side effects of too much testosterone, and this is where Male UltraCore™ shines brightest. Other than boosting testosterone, Male UltraCore™ also builds up testosterone by inhibiting the enzymes that metabolize testosterone into DHT and estrogen, which boosts its effectiveness while reducing its side effects. On top of that, Male UltraCore™ also has the VI-PEX technology to further boost the user’s sexual experience.

While Testograde is a great product to have, Male UltraCore™ is just simply more superior than Testograde in every level possible. How to order Male UltraCore™

Male UltraCore™ isn’t available in your local pharmacy, but you can have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Just visit and go to the order page. Simply go through the checkout process and input your delivery address. Once you’re done, just wait for about 3-8 business days for your order to arrive.


Grab Male UltraCore™’s free membership offer while you can. Male UltraCore™ members are entitled to get 50% off on their third bottle. This is simply a no-brainer since Male UltraCore™’s best results are experienced between 8-12 weeks. On top of that, you get 50% off on every bottle onwards, which is GREAT especially when you plan on taking Male UltraCore™ for a long period of time.

Male UltraCore FAQs

Got questions about Male UltraCore™? We got the answers for you!

Is Male UltraCore safe?

Yes. We have yet to see a review or comment about Male UltraCore™ that discusses its side effects. It’s important to note that every product has some level of risk of side effects. It’s best to check with your doctor to see if Male UltraCore™ is good for you or not.

When can I expect results?

Male UltraCore™ isn’t an instant erection product. Its best results can be experienced within 8-12 weeks. However, you can experience slight improvements to your sexual performance as you continue to take Male UltraCore™ daily. The results build up over time, and in the process of taking Male UltraCore™, you already experience a fraction of the benefits.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

We received our order after 6 days. Usually, USPS standard shipping takes around 3-8 business days. If your order hasn’t arrived within that timeframe, call their customer service hotline.

Does Male UltraCore offer any guarantee?

Yes, they do. They have a 90-day money-back guarantee, which starts from the date of your purchase. If you’re unhappy with Male UltraCore™, you can call and request for a full refund.


Male UltraCore™ is by far the superior male enhancement supplement. It’s so revolutionary that not even the best brands in the business can go head-to-head with it. It’s easy to see why brands are not even trying to compete with Male UltraCore™ now. Eventually, male enhancement brands would have to come up with something similar, or better, just to keep afloat. Because with the way things are going with Male UltraCore™, it’s bound to be the only brand in the business that customers will want to buy.